Session C-2: COMMIT – Change of Management Education and Methods

In the RME workshop, we will analyse our current situation at universities. What is our current system focusing on? How does it or does it not equip students as well as faculty with the necessary tools and energy to actively engage in our future?
With the knowledge of what we would need to successfully master the challenges of our time and aware of the status quo in our universities, we would like to find out how we bring those two factors together. In groups, we will work on designing ideas on how to implement those very much needed qualities into our learning process at the university. How can universities (and faculty) contribute to ensure students will develop those skills and knowledge as well as how can students assist professors in their own learning journey. In COMMIT, we believe that our overall goal at university should be a mutual learning experience, capable to contribute to a sustainable future.


COMMIT is an initiative on participatory learning at universities which focuses on content as well as methods in teaching. The initiative developed as an oikos Learning Circle on education at the oikos FutureLab 2014. Supported by oikos as well as GRLI, COMMIT is active at various conferences and events ever since.

Chair: Julia Weber, oikos
website: or

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