Session B-3: Social Entrepreneurship Education

With the rise of importance and quantity of Social Entrepreneurs in Europe and all over the world the need for the qualification has been also debated heavily. Although the skillset required by a social entrepreneur is difficult to frame, the need for qualification is not disputed and so courses and initiatives have started inrecent years. In this session we will hear examples of different approaches to social entrepreneurship education from Germany and Austria. After the input the group will try to identify common success factors of the presented courses together and have a more thorough look at the skills they provide for upcoming social entrepreneurs.


Tobias Viere, Sustainability representative, Pforzheim University, Germany

Laura Hohoff, [sic!] Students’ Innovation Center, Vienna, Austria

Kristina Notz, Director, Social Entrepreneurship Academy, Munich, Germany

Bistra Kumbaroska, Regional Program Coordinator,  Social Impact Award, Impact Hub Vienna, Austria

Chair: Roman H. Mesicek, Programme Director and Sustainability Coordinator, IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, Austria

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