Session B-1: The Green Academy – Teaching Climate Change

The session is organised as a workshop and will focus on how the NTU Green Academy provides resources for teaching Goal 13: Climate Action.

Climate change is something that affects all of us and that students across all disciplines need to be aware of. Furthermore, knowledge and understanding of this issue will not only give the students an opportunity to see how they can contribute to solutions but can also foster deeper understanding of globalisation and how different international actors are interlinked within complex systems operating at differing levels across the globe.

If the students can reach an understanding of the main sustainability and climate change issues and focus on their contribution to solutions of these problems, we have a real chance of solving many of the issues we are facing today. Our students and graduates should not be part of the problem, they should be part of the solution. This is also reflected in the  University’s Strategic Plan , particularly in terms of Creating Opportunity – students will be given an opportunity to discover how they are part of the bigger global system, as well as develop skills and knowledge that enables them to contribute to positive changes in society both now and in the future.

The NTU Green Academy developed the Future Thinking Learning Room as a support for staff going through the ‘Curriculum Refresh’ process: A university wide project that will assess all of the 420 courses offered at NTU (both undergraduate and taught postgraduate), over a period of 3 years started in spring 2016. All courses will need to demonstrate how they align with elements of NTU’s strategic plan, of which sustainability is a key component.

As a part of the TILT initiative at Nottingham Trent University , a group of academics, students and support staff have developed climate change teaching materials, in the form of negotiation workshops/games, that can be used across all disciplines and schools. This material is a chance to incorporate elements of ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) into the formal curriculum by focusing on the cross disciplinary issue of climate change. This is a chance for students to develop their knowledge and understanding of climate change as well as the global nature of the problem. In addition, students will develop skills in group working, negotiation, and problem solving.


Chair: Aldilla Dharmasasmita, Academic Associate for the Green Academy at Nottingham Trent University


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