Session A-3: Integrating the UN Global Compact into Management Education to Advance the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals

This session welcomes contributions focused on the role that management education could/should play in helping business to go beyond the bottom line and integrate the UN Global Compact into business practice that would support the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The contributions are expected to address different aspects of responsible management education, as per the six principles of PRME (purpose, values, methods, research, partnerships, dialogue) and the role they could play in redefining success in both business practice and management education. What are the main challenges related to the creation and implementation of the new intellectual, research, educational and institutional agendas to support the integration of the UN Global Compact and advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals? What are the lessons learned from good practices and inspirational solutions? What are the new opportunities that could be taken at the level of individual schools, group of schools and/or through collaboration within the PRME community as a whole, including with the respective stakeholders?


  • Ethics of Care and Sustainable Development – Bringing Emotions into Management Audur H Ingolfsdottir (Bifrost University)
  • Learn – Change – Do: Bridging the Gap between Theory and Reality
    Silvia Kucera (IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems)
  • Tales of ESD Integration, A Cross-Case Analysis of Academic Perceptions on ESD Learning and Development Opportuninities in UK Business and Management Schools
    Angelika Salmen (University of Southampton)
  • Responsible Management Education in the Service Sector: Developing Design Tools for Sustainable Services
    Lutz E. Schlange (University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur)
    Uta Jüttner (Lucerne Business School)
    Dario Wellinger (University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur)


Chairs: Milenko Gudić & Kathryn Haynes (University of Hull)


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