About the Venue

Conference venue: Campus Krems Wing G1

IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems

Located in the Wachau region in the heart of Lower Austria, IMC Krems is one of Austria’s most international and innovative universities of applied sciences – with a global network of 100 partner universities and students from more than 50 countries.  Courses are held in both English and German, and students also have the opportunity to complete internships and semesters abroad, as well as participating in international exchange programmes.


Campus plan

City of Krems

The City of Krems is an economic and educational hub. Students from all over the world play a virtal part in the life of this town. Krems blends the traditional and the modern an is well known for its culture and hospitality.

A short drive from the Austrian capital, Vienna, Krems is set in one of Europe’s most picturesque river landscapes. The historic old town is one of the most beautiful in Austria, and over centuries, builders and architects have created a unique character that has been lovingly maintained and preserved. In 1975 Krems was desginated a Model City for Historical Preservation, and in 2000 it was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Enjoying the Arts

Krems has a diverse calendar of events as a festival venue. Thousands of visitors flock to Krems year after year to attend the Danube Festival, East-West Music Festival, Wachau Film Festival, Children’s and Young People’s Theater Festival, Cabarett Festival and the many other musical and theatrical events staged here. The city wine museum, housed in one of the most beautiful monasteries in the land, has a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Krems also has a Arts Mile featuring the Caricature Museum, Kunsthalle Krems, the Lower Austrian Literature Center and a number of other culture institutions with a diverse lineup of special events.

For more information visit the website of the Krems Tourist Office or the website of the Krems Municipality.

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