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Website dedicated to the conference documentation is now online

We have set up this dedicated Medium publication that will become the one-stop-shop for all abstracts, papers, presentations, tweets, photos and podcasts published before, during and after the 3rd Responsible Management Education Research Conference.

If you have a Medium account (you could use your Twitter account to sign up easily) and are participating in the conference please send us an email. We would like to add you to the authoring team of this publication.

DACH Global Compact Networks join the conference

All three local DACH Global Compact Networks are partners of the conference and will be facilitating a workshop on the SDG strategies in the regional context. The session compares the networks strategies, approaches and experiences and also outlines how companies can translate global goals into new business models – and how academia can support companies in doing so.   

Speakers from the Global Compact Networks will be will be Antonio Hautle from Switzerland, Marcel Engel from Germany and Ines Sturm from Austria.