PRME 10th Anniversary Special Issue International Journal of Management Education

This call for papers is a great opportunity for academics from all regions and specialising in different areas of responsible management to contribute. Deadline for submissions is now Friday 2nd December 2016.

The web link for the special issue is as follows:

The special issue will be published in 2017 (PRME’s 10th Anniversary) in time for the Global Forum, so the call is twofold: Papers looking at what has been achieved in the last decade and papers looking towards the SDG agenda for PRME.

The IJME journal is published by Elsevier who are working with various organisations on publications towards the SDGs ( see recent report:

The Journal itself is very much on the rise and Elsevier has big ambitions for the journal which has high volume international contributor and readership rates.

Published on behalf of Carole Parkes (Chair PRME Chapter UK & Ireland)

Website dedicated to the conference documentation is now online

We have set up this dedicated Medium publication that will become the one-stop-shop for all abstracts, papers, presentations, tweets, photos and podcasts published before, during and after the 3rd Responsible Management Education Research Conference.

If you have a Medium account (you could use your Twitter account to sign up easily) and are participating in the conference please send us an email. We would like to add you to the authoring team of this publication.

NTU Green Academy runs a workshop on teaching climate change at the 3rd RME Research Conference

The 3rd Responsible Management Education Research Conference is fast approaching and will offer a wide variety of sessions, workshops and presentations. The session B-1 is organised as a workshop and will show how the Green Academy at Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is providing resources for teaching Goal 13: Climate Action.

We are looking forward to gaining insights into their activities.

More information can be found here.

DACH Global Compact Networks join the conference

All three local DACH Global Compact Networks are partners of the conference and will be facilitating a workshop on the SDG strategies in the regional context. The session compares the networks strategies, approaches and experiences and also outlines how companies can translate global goals into new business models – and how academia can support companies in doing so.   

Speakers from the Global Compact Networks will be will be Antonio Hautle from Switzerland, Marcel Engel from Germany and Ines Sturm from Austria.

Present your poster – Students only!

Posters are an integral part of the 3rd Responsible Management Education Research conference and a great way of  of presenting master theses, projects, practices and initiatives, as well as innovative teaching and learning methods that meet the complex requirements of  CSR and/or sustainability.

Presenting a poster also means reaching a wide and diverse audience and provides the opportunity for in-depth discussion about your current work.

Here you can find out more about presenting a poster at  Responsible Management Education Research conference in Krems!

Renowned speakers confirmed for conference

The Organising Committee is pleased to announce the following speakers have confirmed their participation at the Conference:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dyllick
Director Institute for Economy and the Environment
University Delegate for Responsibility and Sustainability
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. habil. Elisabeth Fröhlich
Cologne Business School, Germany

Jonas Haertle
Head PRME Secretariat
United Nations Global Compact, United States

Prof. Dr. Kai Hockerts
Director of Responsible Management Education
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Maximilian Schachinger
Managing Director
Schachinger Logistik Holding GmbH, Austria